Monday, June 3, 2013

Generation Six (650-720)

Generation Six

650.  Chespin
651.  Quiladin
652.  Chesnaught
654.  Braixen
655.  Delphox
657.  Frogadier
658.  Greninja
660.  Diggersby
661.  Fletchling
663.  Talonflame
668.  Pyroar
671.  Florges
673.  Gogoat
674.  Pancham
676.  Furfrou
678.  Meowstic(F)
679.  Honedge
680.  Doublade
681.  Aegislash
682.  Spritzee
683.  Aromatisse
684.  Swirlix
685.  Slurpuff
686.  Inkay
687.  Malamar
688.  Binacle
689.  Barbaracle
690.  Skrelp
691.  Dragalge
692.  Clauncher
693.  Clawitzer
695.  Heliolisk
696.  Tyrunt
697.  Tyrantrum
698.  Amaura
699.  Aurorus
701.  Hawlucha
702.  Dedenne
703.  Carbink
704.  Goomy
705.  Sliggoo
706.  Goodra
709.  Trevenant
711.  Gourgeist
712.  Bergmite
713.  Avalugg
714.  Noibat
715.  Noivern
717.  Yveltal
718:  Zygarde 
719. Hoopa
720. Volcanion


  1. There's another chespin pattern you haven't added yet, made by the person who also made the rufflet pattern. It is available on Deviantart. The result she shows of a chesin made with her pattern is great, and really close to the in-game design.

    P.S. : Thank you for gathering all those links! And for posting all these patterns!
    I just hope that you, along with the people who made all the other patterns, will never be plagiarized; that way, you would never have to regret something you made out of kindness!



    Fennekin, but the pattern is about 4 USD

  4. I just posted a pattern for Goomy:

  5. Thanks for gathering these all into one place! It makes it so much easier to find the patterns that I need now. I'm going to print out a bunch of them to keep on hand for a rainy day. :)


  7. Masquerain pattern

  8. I would like to see knitting patterns for pokemon, I don't want to crochet, I find it much easier to knit.can anyone help please

  9. Looking for a pattern but their is no link next to the name. Does that mean no pattern available?

  10. Just posted a few more Pokemon paterns.

  11. Crochet Fanatic some new Pokemon patterns.

  12. I am said that I have not seen any updates lately. Hope that everything is okay. Crochet Fanatic has a bunch of new Pokemon patterns.